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ROSE ROLLS for Mother’s Day | Mother’s Day Breakfast/Gift (EP275)

Let’s make extra-special-looking Bread rolls for Mother’s Day.

You can serve them at breakfast or brunch with your Mom’s favorite dish.

Or, you can make a care package, packed with her favorite.

・Preheat oven:180℃(356℉)
・muffin tin

・10 Pink Roses
250g Bread Flour (12.5% protein)
3g salt
15g sugar
3g active dry yeast (or instant dry yeast)
30g condensed milk
120g water
50g raspberry puree
10g butter

・10 White Roses
250g Bread Flour (12.5% protein)
3g salt
15g sugar
3g active dry yeast (or instant dry yeast)
30g condensed milk
120g water
50g whole milk
10g butter

Full Recipe:

Saf instant yeast

Gold Medal, Bread Flour, 5 lb



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[Music] Hi friends Today i want to share with you my rose Rolls let's make Extra special looking bread rolls for Mother's day You can serve them at breakfast table or Brunch With your mom's favorite dish or you can Make a care package Packed with your mom's favorite your mom Will love it It's not complicated than you think so Let's get started The lovely color of this bread dough Comes from Raspberry puree and it contains a small Amount of condensed milk Condensed milk makes moist and uniformly Texture And it makes it easy to shape into Bubbles Raspberry puree adds just a little bit Of acidity To the dough but it doesn't overwhelm The sweetness Mix raspberry puree and condensed milk And water In a medium sized bowl put in the bread Flour Sugar and salt whisk to combine with the Chopstick I always mix dry ingredients with my Chopsticks

As you know already because it's much Easier and faster To even out the dry ingredients adding Active dry yeast Whisk to combine you can use the spatula Or a whisk instead Pour in one third of the liquid and mix All around Until absorbed Gradually add in the rest of the liquid Into the bowl And repeat the process in this way you Can combine liquid and black flour More effectively and shorten the mixing Time When it forms the dough cover with a Plastic wrap And leave it 10 minutes until the bread Flour observes the moisture and relax The gluten I'm going to knead the dough by hand Today As i have shown you in the formal videos I found that the 10 minutes of resting Makes the hand kneading much faster and It needs a shorter kneading time And it makes an elastic and beautiful Dough Now let's start kneading by hand you can Also use a stand mixer Or a bread maker take out the dough onto Your working surface And spread it by your hand like this and Put it together

Repeat the spread and put it back Together motion Until the dough becomes smooth to the Touch About 10 times what this does is Combining All the ingredients together and make Sure there is no lumps of flour Then knead until the dough becomes Elastic and smooth Push the dough away from you with your Heels of your palm And fold it over itself and push it away Alternate the left hand and right hand I am doing this as a full body exercise Seriously it's good for your body The dough is very sticky at first so use A scraper to scrape down the bread dough From your hand and working surface After five to six minutes my dough Becomes like this It's very smooth and soft to touch Let's give it a window pane test When you spread the dough and it Stretches paper thin like this It's okay to go add in butter and knead Another a couple of minutes Give it a window pane test again and if We process the test Shape it into a bowl and put it in a Greased bowl Cover with a piece of plastic wrap and Let it rise at one place for about 60 Minutes

Until double in volume After 60 minutes it looks like this Let's give it a pork test poke the dough In the center With a dusted finger the hole you have Just made Is not shrinking back it's okay to go Take out onto a floured surface divide Into 10 Of 30 gram and 10 20 gram balls Shape into a bowl and cover with a Plastic wrap Leave it for 5 minutes for bench rest While bench resting the glute relaxes And it becomes Easier to shape meanwhile melt a Tablespoon of butter in the microwave And grease the muffin tin i use oil Spray almost always Because it's really easy so i recommend Having one If you bake once a week or more Frequently Or you can drop a vegetable oil and Spread it with your fingers Now let's shape the dough into roses we Are using 2 Of 30 gram dough and 2 of 20 gram dough To make 2 roses roll out the two pieces Of 30 gram dough About 5 millimeter in thickness 10 Centimeter in diameter Roll the 20 gram dough ball out to 7 to 8

Centimeter in diameter and set aside Brush melted butter all over the surface And press One more piece of dough overlapping one Centimeter Brush melted butter and press it over The former dough Repeat the process [Music] Roll it up and pinch to seal the end [Music] Press the seam side down and cut into Two Open the petal to look good and press it In a Muffin tin Isn't it cute each dough make rose Petals Repeat the process and you will have 10 Rose rolls Today i also make white roses The recipe is just replace the raspberry Puree with milk Cover and let it rise for 40 minutes Until almost double In volume while fermenting preheat the Oven for 180 degrees celsius When you touch it gently and you feel The dough fluffy and springs back slowly It's good to go pop in the oven and Bake 14 to 15 minutes until the surface Starts browning the baking temperature Is lower than usual Because i want my roses to keep their

Beautiful color After 15 minutes of baking my roses look Like this How adorable it makes me so Satisfied you can serve it right after Taking out from the oven But better allow it to cool to room Temperature If you have it still hot it smells Little bit yeasty when you cool to room Temperature Rub in the plastic And let's make a basket for your mom or Anybody you want to show your Appreciation Line a basket with a thin paper Anything you have you on your hand and Pack with your mom's favorite Today i have blue cheese fix jam and tea Pack in the bag and tie a ribbon [Music] There you have it your mom will Definitely love it Let me taste it my mom passed away 17 Years ago When she was 51 years old so i can't Give it to her But why not enjoy it myself You can pull off each petal thanks to The butter I am in the mood for applied cream Cheese to the bread But you can enjoy it any condiment you Like

The dough is moist and a little bit Sweet goes so well with Tangy cream cheese i think i will serve This with A grilled chicken slider tomorrow on Mother's day Give it a try and let me know how you Like it Thank you for watching the video give me A big thumbs up and share the video with Your friends and families And don't forget to subscribe to my Channel if you haven't done so already Follow me on the social media and tag me On your post if you give it a try And go to my website for the printable Recipe and more information In my store on amazon has pretty much Everything That i'm using in my video stay safe and Stay healthy And i will see you soon bye

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