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SHOKUPAN / Japanese Milk Bread / Bread Baking 101/Exclusive on Udemy/Now on Sale! ~5/25

Special Offer ~ 25 May 2021 $44.99→$12 (76%off)
SHOKUPAN / Japanese Milk Bread / Bread Baking 101/Exclusive on Udemy/Now on Sale! ~5/25

Dear Friends,
I make this course because I have received so many questions about how to bake perfect SHOKUPAN. Those questions are mostly beginners and professional bakers who want to open the SHOKUPAN bakery in their country.

So I decided to put each and every question together and make a detailed SHOKUPAN course on Udemy. It took me months, and I put all my resources into making a thorough video.
So please understand it is not for free.

But I am sure it is REALLY HELPFUL for you guys who want to bake a perfect SHOKUPAN.

Moreover, the course is not only about SHOKUPAN but overall Bread Baking.

-About the course

This is the best SHOKUPAN baking course for BEGINNERS, but also for experienced home bakers.

You will first learn the basics of bread baking.

And you can learn a lot from the downloadable E-book “everything you need to know about SHOKUPAN.”

Next, you’ll move onto baking beginner’s Shokupan.

It is going to be an easy one; it’s at 66% hydration, which means not that sticky and pretty easy to handle.

Once you’ve learned a basic SHOKUPAN making process, you will be ready to move on to 72% hydration SHOKUPAN.

When you have finished this course, you will have the confidence to bake a perfect SHOKUPAN.

And also, you will be ready for more advanced bread baking. 

Let’s get started!m、、



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You will find what I am using in my video.

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Sharing output gets better skills.
Thanks! Love from Japan♡


[Music] Hi My name is aquino i'm a youtuber and a Recipe developer Specializes in japanese cooking and Baking I had run a pastry shop for more than 20 Years And i used to teach at my baking class For more than 15 years Before starting youtube in this course You will learn How to make a perfect choc bell which is The most popular bread in japan Shokbang is also known as japanese milk Bread It is very popular on the internet and It's one of the most popular video On my youtube channel shakta is the most Eaten bread in japan It is very fluffy and bouncy and so Moist You can find shaktan at anywhere in Japan The grocery store has factory made the Fresh baked bakery sells their special Although i am eating chocolate almost Every day But never get bored it can be eaten Toasted sandwiched or as it is Because it's so delicious once you taste It You can't stop eating i make this course Because i have received so many

Questions about How to bake the perfect shook pan those Questions are mostly from beginners But also from professional bakers who Wants to open choc pum bakery In their country so i decided to put Each and every question together And make a detailed choc bang course Here on udemy I'm sure it is helpful either you are a Beginner or Are experienced you will become an Excellent baker After finishing this course i'm going to Be studying with the very basics of the Bread baking In the following lectures you will have An ebook everything you need to know About the bread baking And then i will walk you through every Step to make a perfect chocolate In the video when you have finished this Course you will have a confidence to Make a perfect shook pan And also you will be ready for more Advanced bread baking I can't wait to start the lesson so Let's get started You

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