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Bagel recipe

Bagel Bagel Bagel! PanKobo Bakery Mountain Bagel production!

Where to get the best bagel in town?  It’s PanKobo Bakery. PanKobo Bakery have currently two flavors which is Plain Bagel and Sesame Bagel. Sesame Bagel is topping of Black sesame, White sesame, and Poppy seeds. We are planning to add new flavors soon such as Onion Bagel, Garlic Bagel and so on. Recently we had big order from Korean distributer and combine with our walked in customers, it became mountain of our bagels. Please have a look about Bagel recipe idea: Slice the PanKobo bagel half and toast with apply butter. Prepare pate (I used Kemuri Japanese BBQ Frozen Burge) Butter sauté of mushroom, onion and add seasoning salt… Read More »Bagel Bagel Bagel! PanKobo Bakery Mountain Bagel production!

Bagel as your next breakfast choice!

Need something different? Using #Shokupan #Croissant #CountryBread for #sandwich everyday? Why not try out our #Bagel in another texture? Pre-order from us, or message us to reserve for you now ya! P/S: We will rest on 19th & 20th July (Monday & Tuesday), grab your bread on this weekend to stock up for the days ya #bagelrecipe #PanKoboDailyPostingChallenge