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TANGZHONG EXPLAINED | All you need to know about Tangzhong and Yudane | Bread Baking 101 (EP230)

Today, I am going to be explaining Tangzhong!

Tangzhong or Yudane in Japanese is a very popular method to make moist and fluffy bread.

I have so many question about this topic, and I see so many confusing informations on the internet.

So I put together all my knowledge and experience in the video, and a little bit of guesses.

Enjoy baking!

Correction in the video:
In the chart of Yudane
the baker’s percentage of the dough

Level ★★★

215×110×120mm Shokupan mold
or 190×100×105mm +10cm round mold

Yudane Shokupan
75g Bread flour
125g boiling water
325g bread flour
30g sugar
7g salt
6g instant dry yeast
175g water
50g whole milk
25g unsalted butter

Tangzhong Shokupan
20g bread flour
50g water
50g whole milk
380g bread flour
30g sugar
7g salt
6g instant dry yeast
250g water
25g unsalted butter

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Hi friends welcome to kitchen princess Bamboo Japanese everyday food today i want to Explain The difference between tanzan and udane These are famous asian bread making Techniques Which are more and more demanded by home Bakers All around the world tanzan And udane are the word for pre-cooked Bread flour dough To make your bread moist and fluffy Actually tanzan is a chinese Pronunciation For udane in japanese yes Both words are little in the same kanji That means the udane and tanzan Means exactly the same thing But the making process is different Today i will explain the difference Between the two Methods for you yudhane was invented in Japan Udane is making by combining flour And boiling water and make it into a Thick paste [Music] Leave it overnight in the fridge and the Next day Add to the dough to make choco pan Tanzan is cooked in a pot a lot more Water to create a slurry It's more smooth than the udane

[Music] You can use it at room temperature First of all what makes your bread Fluffy And moist you will need more liquid In your bread but if you simply add More water to the bread though it's Going to be Very sticky and hard to handle The ratio of the liquid to the bread Flour Expressed by the baker's percentages Usually bread dough contains 60 to 65 Of the moisture in my chocolate recipe It has a 72 percent of hydration If your bread dough contains a lot of Moisture in it That will create a steam while baking And expand in the oven even more higher In udane and tanzan method you can add More water By cooking the flour because the flour Absorbs more hot water than the cold Water The more liquid the more moist your Bread will be Udane and tanzan method you can add even More liquid In the dough the final product is moist And fluffy And it keeps the moistness for the next Couple Of days Why do japanese people want our bread

So moist and fluffy first of all Simply because we love the moist and Fluffy texture Japanese history began with the rice Farming We've been eating rice from the very Beginning And it's printed on our dnas The rice contains so much moisture than The bread So we want our bread moist as well But after world war ii first amount Of the american bread flour flew into Our society As we leave supply and then we are Served bread At our school lunch i remember i Ate this type of bread almost every day At school It was kind of dry and it's not Suit for japanese people's preference After a long while udani method was Invented By one of the leading company it Quickly took the market share because it Suit Our taste and still the best seller Secondly we make mochi every once in a While And we are used to handle the sticky Dough i can say much Easier than mochi tanzan method was Invented by A taiwanese lady and she published the

Book This information is from a king arthur's Website So i don't know much about this book All i know is tanzan method is used in a Hokkaido milk bread in the most cases But unfortunately the hokkaido milk Bread is not that famous in japan And nothing to do with the tanzan method Anyway i think chinese people have Embedded so many varieties of dim sum And they know everything about how to Use flour And starch so they can invested the Tanzan method inspired by japanese Yudhane That's my best guess now let's see the Recipe Let's start with yudaneshok bam Put your flour into a stand mixer bowl Add in salt and sugar Run the mixture until the dry Ingredients combine And then add that instant dry yeast Mix to combine and add in milk And water in a slow and steady stream [Music] Run the mixer for five minutes until the Gluten developed [Music] Add in udaner and Continue mixing for another 5 minutes [Music] Give it a test to make sure

The gluten has developed or not if you Do stretches Like paper thin and almost see-through It proves your dough has developed the Gluten Add in room temperature butter and Knead another 3 minutes [Music] Give it a window pane test again and it Looks Like the dough is not needed fully But it's okay it doesn't have to be Take off from your side of the bowl Because it is the dough with the high Hydration When you give it the window pan test and It passed It's okay to proceed grease the Inside of the bowl and shape into a bowl And stretch the surface and cover with The Plastic leave it at warm place for about 45 minutes After 45 minutes the dough should look Like this It rises almost double in volume And now give it a punch What this does is it provides the fresh Oxygen To activate the yeast even more And shape into a bowl again and cover With the plastic wrap Leave it another 30 minutes After 30 minutes it looks like this

It rises almost double in volume And now it's give it the finger test Dust your finger and poke the center of The dough The hole stays as it is is okay to go If the hole shrink back let it sit 10 to 15 minutes more The dough shrinks it is over fermented So quickly go on to the next step Take out onto the dusted working surface And divide the dough into two 350 Gram and 110 To 120 gram bowl This is for the smaller chocolate mold But you can make a middle size loaf Shape into a bowl again and cover with The plastic wrap And take a 10 minutes bench rest The 110 to 120 gram bowl Divide into seven Give it a five minutes bench rest Because it's a small ball The bench rest relax the gluten and You can easily shape into a final shape After five minutes Shape into a small bowl and put it in a Greased round mold this is going to be a Dinner roll For the shock pen mode shape into a Bowl again with the stretched surface And put it in a greased mold That's with a generous amount of flour But not too much Because it prevents the bread

Fully expand in the oven Cover with the plastic wrap and it right For 45 to 15 minutes or Until it rises one centimeter From the edges preheat oven To 190 degrees celsius After 25 to 30 minutes the smaller Dinner rolls has risen double In volume like this the udane Is not look like a good bread But let's give it a go brush the egg White For the shiny finish and pop them in the Oven For 12 minutes rotate the pan In the halfway through the tangent Tanzania roll Expand and has a beautiful brown Surface but the udane is not look like The same I don't know why but it's not too bad I think drop a chunk Of butter and brush onto the surface It look nice next let's see the sock pan Both sock pants are fully rice Let's pop them in the oven for 40 Minutes My album has preheated for the Dinner roll my album temperature was 150 degrees celsius you can start Baking at 100 degrees celsius But keep in mind bake at least 40 Minutes If your chocolate pan start browning too

Soon cover with the aluminum foil Do not burn too much After 40 minutes let's take out from the Oven To make sure the chocobo is done or not Stick the thermometer and if it shows Over the 90 degrees celsius it's damp Tap the mold onto the working surface Several times And take out onto the wire rack Leave it until it comes to a room Temperature It smells so good and it's Too soft to slice so Let's wait to the next day Both sugar pan looks very soft And smells so lovely but udani Is more dense and tazon Is more light but both jokban are So moist and fluffy i can't tell Which is better but the udane Is more chewy and dense the texture is More like Mochi so i prefer the Udane I want you to give it a try and let me Know Which one is your favorite Give it a try and let me know how you Like it Thank you for watching the video give me A big thumbs up And share the video with your friends And families and

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