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Vlogmas | micro bakery diaries in London | Christmas Market

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Hey guys, follow me over 3 days in my micro bakery while I’m baking for local customers, businesses and trading at my final (sellout!) Christmas farmer’s market in London of the year. Hope you enjoy and very Merry Christmas! Lily x

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[Music] Thank you Good morning guys it's Friday morning We're starting the Vlog here Pre-coffee so do bear with me if I'm not Coherent or making any sense at all Six o'clock I mean I've been away for Well over an hour and 15 minutes if not Longer Um but I I've got lots of baits to do I've just taken out my first load of Sourdough I've got morning buns proofing Up there I've baked a couple cookies I've got Some mince pies to do Um Harry might deliver you guys coming Got all my packages over there Um I've been Market prepping already for My last Market of the year on Sunday so Yeah it's all going on today Um I was a bit hesitant about filming Today just because I got quite a bit to Do but I want to bring you guys along For the journey I've made a couple Adjustments to my bread recipe because They were struggling a bit in the cool Weather and the new Harvest Um they just won't happen also had a bit Of an upgrade on my oven from Campbell Which has been amazing and sorted out The seal he fits a couple new elements Just because it wasn't heating up as Efficiently and as well as it once was Mine is number 16 the 16 are in 2020

Ovens we made in the world out of 500 Now which is amazing and I feel so Bothered to be part of that first kind Of group but yeah Campbell came here on Last Saturday and spent two hours just Like fixing it and it wasn't broken but Like to bake bread you need to be Getting the oven up to at least 250 Degrees Celsius to 60. so he gave it the Full-on rebound and I'm so grateful to Him and it's it's back to back to normal Um which is if not even better so in Terms of my sourdough recently I've been Using warmer water I've really been like Honing in on my temperatures like room Temperature for our temperature Um to really manage that I've also been Feeling my starter with all my water and Yesterday I used a lower ratio so I fed The starter on Wednesday evening at a Ratio of one three three instead of 155 Which is what I normally do I've also Kind of been like tweaking because I Just haven't been fully satisfied with My red recently in terms of the flavor Like I just always want more flavor and I think it's probably because my ratio Was so high at 1.55 it's a one two three I'm sorry this is like you're gonna be Like boring or like kind of kooky red Chats um but this is the mood that I'm In today so you'll have to go with it Um so yeah so I'm very happy with these Ones today I've also been adding in a

Bit of rye as well which always helps Bring in a little bit more activity Into the sourdough so yeah happy with These today and they're really hot so I Need to pop them on the cooling rack now Coco cart is an online platform that Empowers small businesses to manage Their own sales without charging Unsustainable fees and commissions if You're running a small business or a Micro Bakery like me and you're looking To set up a website that's really simple And quick then Coco cart is the solution For you it only takes three minutes to Set up you can upload your own photos Prices product descriptions manage your Orders and accept payments all in one Space Coco cart are kindly offering my Followers the first month for free with The link down below so definitely check Them out thank you so much to Coco cart For working with me this week and now Back to the video I'm not too sure what I think about These um Nespresso posts we've been trying out This new like odds what is it it's Called like odd coffee so it's made from Unused coffee capsules Or like the ones that would normally go To weights um I think my morning coffee can be better So my morning buns are proven my oven's Just something up in between baits so I

Normally leave it 10 minutes at least but I'm busy eight Days you probably need it going as soon As possible so I'm gonna unload the next Step sourdough on there get them all Ready get them prepared and then Um see where my morning buns are at at The moment they're taking so much longer To prove just because of the cold cold Weather here in London we've been having Snow for the past few days which has Been so so lovely actually Um I just feel like about the kids like I've been taking my dog Bobby out but Lovely lovely walks and like while I've Been quite busy in here Kind of like cooped up in in the micro Bakery space it's been so nice to just Get outside have some fresh air see the Sun it's always a good thing Um see the sun feel the snow we're gonna Feed Me to just like have a good run around So that's been really really nice we've Had a bit of a shuffle round in the Microbe coming you might you may have Noticed so we've moved around Um Campbell's oven Is over there I'll show you properly When it's right Campbell's oven is over There there used to be a table there and There used to be my convection oven There but it just wasn't really working It was blocking out a lot of the light

That just didn't feel quite right it's Very very bulky you couldn't really walk Down this part of the kitchen we've Moved that convection oven there where Campbell's oven was Um and then everything else is kind of Safe to say we do have the table right In the middle of the kitchen there still Kind of figuring out where that goes but Yeah it just kind of shows like How much this is picking you but When I saw it like all in flux last Weekend Um Kind of palicked me I was like oh my god What have I done because I feel like When you have your head down and when You're working And you just kind of get used to your Surroundings you're like yeah this is Normal this is completely normal but Then when I saw it all in the clubs I Was like Jesus Christ what about that to My poor family and my poor fight Um Yeah I also I have so many things to Talk to you guys about today actually I've been feeling a little bit off this Week just like not really wanting to Chat that much in front of the camera But I feel like this morning I'm I'm Okay like I'm I'm in a good headspace so Yeah I've got I want to chat to you guys About my work experience at E5 Bakehouse

That I did just last weekend Um I want to chat Market I also want to chat to you about The Christmas gift ideas so yeah I'm Gonna check in later on we probably when All my baits are done and I'm Clearer for the day so yeah I will check In in a business [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music] [Applause] [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] Here in London Um Your girl who's had a bit of a lion Um it is currently half seven I woke up At like half six I felt like I must have Needed The extra long sleep anyway Um I didn't film any more of yesterday I'm Afraid because I was just pretty busy pretty flat out Um from like five till

Four I think had a little bit of a break In the middle but yeah I was uh it was Just a very busy bake day day of Deliveries Market prep but it's quite Unique in that this Market is on Sunday Not Saturday so normally I'd be rushing Around getting ready for the market Right now but because I have this extra Prep day it means I can roll out all my Morning buns I can just have a little Bit more time to get everything sorted And then hopefully tomorrow's bake is a Bit simpler on the agenda today let me Just get my list actually so I've got it Clear in my head so today I've got to Shape 80 morning buns I've got to bake My mince pies Got to laminate my croissants I'm trying Croissants for the first time at the Market so In my last video I mentioned that I was Trying out that new vegan butter and it Actually was my most successful attempt So far which was so exciting the bottle Was so much easier to work with so much More malleable And workable it was really really cool Um I think where I fell at the final Hurdle was the proofing stage I panicked When I saw the butter leaking from the Croissants and Was just like let's put a stop to this Proof right now I proved it in my Convection oven at like 15 degrees

Celsius with a little bowl of warm water Underneath Um but I think it was just too hot so What I'm gonna try next time what I'm Going to try tomorrow morning is putting A bowl of or a tray of boiling hot water In the oven switched off for two to Three hours now I don't really know how I'm gonna do this In terms of space with my bakes for the Market tomorrow because I'll need that Oven to be baking my 80 morning buns Um and other bits and Bobs so I don't Really know how I'm gonna make it work I've got to sort out all my market signs So you know like the little product Signs and prices and allergens and all Of that Um I've got to make some more short Crust Pastry as well so it's fairly busy I'm hoping I'm going to be done in like Four four hours or so three four hours Max if I really push myself and then I Can have a bit of a Saturday free Um as I'm working tomorrow So yeah that's kind of the plan for the Day and it's pretty nice because I feel Like the end is in sight now I've Actually got this out already so this is One box of morning bundo which has been Called fermenting overnight in the Fridge In there this is the cinnamon Butter filling

Like like sugar butter filling for the Morning ones Um I've got this out to make more Shortcrust pastry This is my croissant Dove here that I'm Going to be laminating with soon Um I am actually doing a two day ferment On my sourdough so I'm doing just simply Small little baby tin 500 gram loaves I'm doing cute little sourdough rolls Which are going to go with my soup Tomorrow I'm hoping that they're going To work But I've just popped them on a Greaseproof piece of paper with the Tea towel above and that's that and then Here I've got more morning bun dough What else have I got oh that's just like More mince meat in there for the mince Pies and oh yeah the mince pies on top There so I just need to finish off the Lids there so yeah that's that's kind of The situation right now [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music] Foreign Good morning guys so it is Market day Today so it's Sunday Um the 18th of December and I've been up Since half four today

Um baking and getting everything ready For the market so I just want to show You everything Um my mum and dad have already gone out To set up the stool which is amazing so They've taken a big chunk of the stuff That was in here but we've got all the Food here pretty much still Um so Here we have let me just brighten it up A bit So we've got two boxes of Epic morning Buns in here Looking lovely Um that is always really stressful to Get them out of the oven With the hot Syrup on the go Um We've also got in here Um little Crusty bread sourdough rolls I'm gonna Serve with my hearty lentil soup today And then underneath you may be able to See the tin sourdough loaves in there Over here and this is what I wanted to Chat to you about The gifting options Um that you can make really simply and I'm going to share the recipes later on I'm gonna be selling my CD sourdough Crackers with sea salt and rosemary And also my maple and sea salt granola It's very very tasty

Um so I just thought like those two Options could be really really nice if You guys are sure on last minute Christmas ideas for your friends or Family and you can make up like a cute Little hamper or basket Of these and maybe some Chutney maybe Some olive oil so I'm going to be Selling my final two bottles of olive Oil two fields that cross a beautiful Beautiful business and product Um in here I've got my Mince pies All baked and then what else have we got That is pretty much it in terms of Products today oh and then the soup and Then what I'm trying out is a kind of um Like brioche style bread with the Leftover morning Bondo and then these Are two little loaves here I don't know If I'm gonna sell them so this is the Soup in here so we've got Um two types of lentils red lentils Brown lentils curry powder thyme onions Garlic some chopped tomatoes Bay leaves Stock cubes and oh cumin and some kale To finish off so yeah it's still pretty Cold today well it's actually forecast To be rainy this morning Um So I thought soup would go down fairly Well with customers so yeah um that's Kind of the morning update I don't know

How much more I'll be able to film today I'll try and bring the camera along and Show a few little Snippets of the day But Market days are always very very Busy very crazy Um but the fact that I had that extra Prep day yesterday made a massive Difference to my bakes this morning and Everything just went a lot smoother and A lot quicker so yeah it's just kind of Cool getting a bit faster a bit more Efficient in terms of production so yeah I'll hopefully take you guys along and I Will see you in a bit Foreign [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music] So it is Course past two we sold out of Everything apart from one loaf And because it's Pissing it down with rain we decided to Pack A day but sold out of absolutely Everything else so I'm so so happy all The morning buns gone all the mince pie Is gone Um my soup all sold out and my little

Bread rolls so yeah really happy as you Can see the car is fully packed up Literally everything in the back there So I'm heading home now and I'm gonna Sign off the video here so Um I'm really sorry if it was a bit Chaotic it's just one of those weeks and It's just been really really busy so Yeah the content hasn't been that Coherent but hopefully you enjoyed it Anyway Um and I will probably see you In the New Year if I don't do a video in The meantime but Um yeah Merry Christmas guys I hope you Have a lovely holiday wherever you are In the world and I will see you next Time so thank you so much for watching Don't forget to like And subscribe and I'll see you next time bye

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