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Weekend Vlog: Organizing My Bakery, Skin Healing, and Pancake Making

In this weekend vlog, we take you through the exciting journey of organizing our bakery, focusing on skin healing, and mastering the art of pancake making. Join us as we dive into a weekend filled with creativity, productivity, and delicious treats!

Weekend Vlog: Organizing My Bakery, Skin Healing, and Pancake Making


Hey there, folks! We’re thrilled to take you along on our weekend adventures, where we dive into the exciting world of bakery organization, skin healing, and mouth-watering pancake making. So grab a cup of coffee, settle in, and join us as we share our latest escapades.

Getting Organized

As we sipped on our morning brew, we rolled up our sleeves and tackled the clutter in our beloved micro bakery. With fervor, we cleared out the last remnants of our micro bakery equipment, making way for a fresh start. The satisfaction of a clean and organized workspace is truly unparalleled, don’t you think?

  • Sorted through baking tools and ingredients.
  • Rearranged shelves for easy access.
  • Donated excess items to a local charity.

Skin Healing Journey

Next on our agenda was a visit to Layla Bakery in Notting Hill. Amidst the aroma of freshly baked goods, we met with a skincare expert who shared invaluable tips on skin healing. Our eczema healing journey took a positive turn as we explored natural remedies and nourishing treatments. It’s amazing how a little self-care can work wonders, isn’t it?

  • Learned about skin-friendly ingredients.
  • Tried natural skincare products.
  • Embraced a holistic approach to healing.

Pancake Extravaganza

With our spirits high, we decided to whip up a batch of pancakes using buckwheat starter discard. The sizzle of the pan and the sweet aroma of golden pancakes filled our kitchen, setting the stage for a delightful brunch. Cooking together is not just about the food; it’s about creating memories and savoring the moment, wouldn’t you agree?

  • Experimented with different toppings.
  • Enjoyed the light and fluffy texture.
  • Shared our culinary creation with friends.

Weekend Highlights

In between our culinary escapades, we subscribed to Lily’s Substack newsletter for seasonal recipes, expanding our culinary repertoire. We also joined an online course on building a micro bakery, eager to hone our baking skills and delve deeper into the world of artisanal bread. Additionally, we indulged in purchasing an eBook and bakery products through affiliate links, supporting our fellow bakers in the community.

  • Explored new baking techniques.
  • Engaged with like-minded food enthusiasts.
  • Invested in our passion for baking.


As the weekend drew to a close, we reflected on the moments of joy, growth, and connection that filled our days. Organizing our bakery, nourishing our skin, and indulging in pancake making not only brought us closer but also enriched our lives in ways we never imagined. Here’s to embracing new experiences, savoring simple pleasures, and cherishing the journey one weekend at a time.

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