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6 Shinchan Treats Melonpan Chocobi DIY Candy Drink Japan Interesting Candies

6 Crayon Shinchan Treats. Melonpan and Kinako Chocobi is Shinchan new movie collaboration foods.

Shuriken Ninja Star Melonpan Bread(138 yen) : It’s like a Danish pastry rather than Melonpan. Pink cream is strawberry cream. I like the shape of the bread.
Shichihenge Various Changes Mononoke Ghost Melonpan Bread(148 yen) : Danish pastry covered by strawberry cookie dough. It contains custard cream and chocolate.
Chocobi chocolate flavor(118 yen) : regular Chocobi. Shinchan’s favorite crunchy chocolate snack
Chocobi brown sugar Kinako soybean flour flavor(118 yen) : Shinchan new movie Ninja version. Kinako roasted soy bean flour is good aroma. It’s yummy but I like regular Chocobi best.
Edible Money Action Bank Bill Grilled Kamaboko fish paste sheet(324 yen) : chewy, slightly salty and yummy
Jikken Experimental Drink(216 yen) : famous DIY candy drink. You can enjoy scientist feeling.
total:1062 yen(1 USD = 127 yen, 29th May 2022)
Which do you like? My favorite is Edible Money Action Bank Bill. It’s fun and yummy.
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Melonpan? Danish pastry rather than melonpan The shape is good, anyway Cookie dough Strawberry, custard, chocolate…complex taste Regular chocobi Shinchan's favorite chocolate snacks Crunchy and yummy! New movie collaboration chocobi Kinako roasted soy bean flour is good aroma I like regular Chocobi best Grilled Kamaboko fish paste sheet is called Yakikama Yakikama is popular nibbles in Japan Chewy and slightly salty Popular DIY candy drink If you want to know about DIY candy, please check my old videos

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