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What is Croquette pan?

Have you tried our #Korokke Pan?

In English name it is called #Croquette bread 😁
#PanKobo makes Korokke from fresh ingredients 😉
Croquette (Korokke, English : Potato croquettes ) is a Western-style croquette ( French : croquette ), which is made by mixing boiled and crushed potatoes and cream sauce with minced meat and vegetables , wrapping them in a garment, and fried them in cooking oil. , orchid : Kroket ) mimicking the Japan of the Western one. When we simply say croquette, we mean those using potatoes, and those using cream sauce are called cream croquettes and are distinguished. Japanese-style croquettes that have been re-exported outside Japan are called’Korokke’as they are in Japanese. A cutlet made from crushed potatoes . When fish is used as an ingredient instead of potatoes, it is called fish cutlet . Source: Free encyclopedia “Wikipedia”

Watch How PanKobo Bakery prepare Korroke Pan from below link:

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