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Healing Eczema Naturally: My Complete Approach

In this blog post, we will delve into our complete approach to healing eczema naturally.

Healing Eczema Naturally: Our Complete Approach


Living with eczema can be challenging and exhausting. We know this firsthand as we have been on a rollercoaster ride with our own battle against eczema. Our journey began early on in life, starting as a baby with chronic eczema and anaphylactic food allergies. Through our ongoing experiences and research, we have discovered natural ways to manage and heal eczema effectively. In this article, we will share our complete approach towards healing eczema naturally.

Exploring the Eczema Journey

Our journey with eczema has been a long and winding road, filled with ups and downs. We have tried numerous products and resources along the way, from creams to books to YouTube channels, all in hopes of finding relief. It has been a journey of self-discovery and resilience, as we navigated through the challenges that eczema presented us with.

The Oats Test: A Revelation

One significant turning point in our eczema healing journey was the oats test. This test helped us uncover underlying issues such as mold toxicity and leaky gut, which were exacerbating our eczema symptoms. Armed with this knowledge, we delved deeper into the world of supplements and probiotics, seeking to rebalance our gut health and reduce inflammation.

Embracing a Healthy Diet

Diet plays a crucial role in managing eczema, and we have experienced this firsthand. By focusing on incorporating homemade bone broth and opting for organic, quality foods, we noticed a significant improvement in our eczema symptoms. Cutting out inflammatory foods like sugar, gluten, and alcohol, while prioritizing organic meats and vegetables, has worked wonders for us.

Identifying and Managing Triggers

Eczema triggers can vary from person to person, but we have learned to pinpoint our specific triggers over time. Foods such as avocado, soy sauce, and dark chocolate have been known to trigger eczema flare-ups for us. By being mindful of what we consume and avoiding these triggers, we have been able to better manage our eczema symptoms.

Our Complete Approach Recap

  • We manage and heal eczema naturally through our ongoing journey and experiences.
  • We share products and resources that have helped us with eczema, including books, creams, and YouTube channels.
  • Our eczema journey began as a baby with chronic eczema and anaphylactic food allergies.
  • We have explored the connection between eczema, gut health, and liver health.
  • Oats test helped us identify mold toxicity and leaky gut, leading us to take supplements and probiotics.
  • Focusing on diet, including homemade bone broth and organic, quality foods, significantly improved our eczema.
  • Cutting out inflammatory foods like sugar, gluten, and alcohol, while focusing on organic meats and vegetables, has been beneficial for us.
  • We continue to identify and manage triggers such as avocado, soy sauce, and dark chocolate to help with our eczema flare-ups.


Healing eczema naturally is a journey that requires patience, perseverance, and dedication. By understanding our bodies, exploring various treatment options, and making conscious lifestyle changes, we can effectively manage and heal eczema. Remember, healing is not just about treating the symptoms but addressing the root causes. Stay committed to your journey, and you will see progress towards healthier, happier skin.


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