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How to make ★Japanese Mcdonald’s Hamburger Buns★Bread Series #4 (EP151)

It’s not easy to find hamburger buns in Japan. If I can find it, it’s very dry and not taste so good.

If you want to make good hamburger you have to make it from scratch.

Today I will make two different types of shapes, one is for Chicken Tatsuta sandwich, and the other one is Oyako Teriyaki which, I have introduced quickly in the last video.

I will show you how to make into chicken sandwich next week!

Level ☆☆★

・Hamburger Buns
420g (3 1/2 cup)bread flour (or all-purpose flour)
50g (1/4 cup) sugar
1 large egg
1 1/4 teaspoon salt
1 tablespoon yeast
30g butter
250ml (1 cup +1tbsp) lukewarm water

Full recipe:

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Hi friends welcome to kitchen princess Bamboo japanese everyday food Today's video is number four of my bread Series I'm going to be making hamburger buns It's not easy to find hamburger buns in Japan If i can find it it's very dry and not Taste so good If you want to make good hamburger you Have to make it from scratch Today i will make two different types of Shapes One is for chicken taster sandwich and The other one is oyako teriyaki Sandwich which i have introduced you Quickly in the last video Both of these chicken sandwiches are Japanese mcdonald's seasonal special you Don't have to come over to japan because I'll show you Step by step instructions let's start by Putting the all-purpose flour Into a stand mixer bowl to that add Sugar and salt Sugar looks a lot but it makes perfect Match with chicken Set aside beat one egg in a small bowl Add half a cup of water And mix to combine set the bowl in the Stand mixer And start mixing on low when the flour And sugar And salt mix well add your yeast i have

Repeatedly mentioned the yeast Should not be directly contact with Sugar and salt Sugar and salt might affect to Deactivate the yeast Add the rest of the water preserving Small amount To adjust the consistency keep kneading On low speed Until it comes to one lump it looks a Little bit too sticky But you don't have to worry about it Because we want to make it squashy And fluffy bends this dough looks Perfect consistency If you think it too sticky go ahead and Add some flour When you pinch the dough and stretch it Very thin like paper At room temperature butter and knead Another 5 minutes After 5 minutes the dough should look Like this It pulls off from the side of the bowl And it doesn't stick to your fingers Grease the bowl with the oil press the Dough shaped into a bowl Cover with plastic wrap and let them Last for about 1 hour Or until double in bulk take out the Dough onto a floured surface And put it down with your hands Cut into two and weigh the dough My dough weighs grams so i've divided

Into 75 grams each or you can just Eyeball it Shape each dough into small bowl and Cover with the plastic wrap To prevent from drying to shape it into A normal hamburger ban Take one dough on your palm shape into a Bowl again Removing the gas inside press it down And roll it out about To 10 centimeter in diameter half an Inch thick Press them onto a baking tray lined with A silicone mat Don't forget to cover with the plastic Wrap to shape into a knot Cut it down to remove the gas inside And fold from top and bottom Then fold in half and you have a small Log Roll it out to add 25 to 30 centimeters Long At this stage you don't have to hurry Take your time to stretch If you do it too quickly the dough will Bounce back Or tear when you get nice and even lope Of Dough tie a knot loosely and press it in A Greased wing mode the both sides look The same Press the beautiful side on top press

Them on a baking tray Cover with plastic wrap and let them Rise for about 20 minutes or until fluffy meanwhile Let's prepare the egg wash beat your egg And Pass through the sieve you need one Third of egg add one teaspoon Of milk and mix well set aside until Used I always press the other baking tray Filled with hot water Underneath the tray in winter after 20 Minutes My dough looks very fluffy gently brush Egg wash Sprinkle white sesame seed for the Regular hamburger bands Bake 15 minutes at 200 celsius until the Surface is golden brown There you have your hamburger bands when You tap the bottom And you hear the dry sound it cooked Perfectly I love the smell of baking in my kitchen As always Let them cool before you slice alright That's it for today Let's make it into sandwich next week Until then You can enjoy your hamburger to your Liking Thank you for watching the video give me A thumbs up and subscribe to my channel

For more delicious japanese recipes Follow me on social media and tag me on Your post If you give it a try and please go to my Website for printable recipe And more information and you can find What you want on my amazon Store all the link is in the description Box below i will bring you the healthy Recipes for your good eat And good health thanks again and i will See you in a week Bye

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