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Realistic days work as a baker | 2 day vlog in my micro bakery

hey guys, this week I’m sharing a very busy prep day over the Easter weekend in my micro bakery… making hot cross buns, morning buns, chocolate cake, and all of my sourdough too! Hope you enjoy. Lily x

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[Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] Thank you Foreign Guys welcome back to another video I Hope you're well so it is Thursday Morning here today which means it is a Very very busy prep day in my micro Bakery I don't normally film on these Days currently just because there is so Much to do but I thought I'd show you Around show you what I've been up to so I started my day just before 5am it's Now 9am so I've done the bulk of My prep Um well kind of I'm I'm Midway through Prep so for example Here I've got two Boxes of sourdough fermenting Um so I just like to split it up between The two boxes And that I need to shape By about half nine latest I mixed that first at Half five I think it was Um and yeah so it's kind of ready to be Shaped now Got some nice bubbles in there Um and it's increased in size and then Over here Um I've got my hot crisp Bondo Which I am about to shape now and pop

Into these trays I'm going to line that With some Baking paper And then in here I've got morning bundo Just chilling down so I mixed that too And then I've got my cinnamon butter Mixed already Um And I've also got a birthday cake to Prepare today but what I'm thinking of Doing is probably Getting all of the bread and buns sorted And the packages sorted then I'll Probably take my dog out for a walk and Then I'll come back and Bake the cake cool that down Prepare all the icing Door it in the fridge probably do the Crumb coat today And then finish off the icing tomorrow For deliveries tomorrow so that's kind Of where we're at Um it feels weird to be filming so soon After my video that I just posted Yesterday Um but I just thought I'd show like a Busy prep day in the life of my micro Bakery so I will check in later on Because I've got loads of Hot Cross Buns To shape and to prep Foreign [Music] Foreign [Music]

Okay guys so it's a bit later on now It's half 11 so I've basically done all Of my prep so all of my sourdough Hot Cross Buns morning buns Cookie dough Couple week free loaves Um Everything's in the fridge I will show You Um so yeah so it's all fully loaded Fully stocked up and then I've just got The chocolate cake to prepare later on But now I've got to do the packages so This is pretty time consuming it takes About half an hour to Label up all the packages with all the Right allergen labels and then write Everybody's names on the bags and stamp The bags and write little messages for New customers I've also got some cute Little Easter cards Uh that I'm going to include in every Order tomorrow Um and then I kind of divide it all into The separate boxes for the different Rounds of deliveries depending on the Postcodes where they're going Um so yeah that's kind of where I'm at I'm kind of flagging a bit now I feel I Might need some water Um But yeah I'm gonna get this done and Then go out for a walk for some fresh Air and then come back and do the

Chocolate cake Foreign Thank you Good morning guys it is Friday morning So we've got loads of baits ahead of us I've already got my sourdough on the go I've got my hot cross buns proofing up Here Um I've got Morning buns proofing up here Cake to ice I went to bed so early yesterday so I Think last time I filmed was like when I Was making a cake And oh my God I was absolutely wiped out All I did was so I started work like Before five and then finished After two I think so quite a long day on My feet and then took my dog out For a walk I managed to get some sun in And then she just came back had a nap And then made the cake after that and Then I was just like I was so wiped out I was meant to go to the gym No like my body has zero energy right Now I can't be doing this so I just I Completely I had a bath I watched some TV and went to bed really early made Myself some dinner Much bed really early and I think this Is just like a lesson that I'm learning to honor and accept even More as a beaker because it is so

Physically demanding and I think also because I am a business Owner too As that added layer of like Responsibility and there's just always Something to be done and sometimes it Just slams me down so on those days I Just have to rest And I'm feeling I'm feeling much better Today I had some crazy dreams Um like deep sleep so yeah anyway that Was like the little warning update for You I've got to get on and Isis Kate Because I didn't do any of that Yesterday To do the crumb coating and then I'll do The final layer after with all the Sprinkled around so yeah it's good Friday though like Um happy Easter guys I know this is Coming out next week so Easter will have Happened already but I hope you all are Having A lovely Easter break if you are Wherever you are in the world and Yeah I'm looking forward to some hot Cross buns this weekend I'm also going To a new bakery launch called Eric's Bakery Owned by Helen Flair she used to be had Baker at Floor Bakery in Borough Market I'm really excited to see that so that's Opening tomorrow I need to check out What time she's open but

I hope that's for another day Um and yeah I will check in later guys [Music] Between Um [Music] All right guys well that's everything For this week's video I really hope you Enjoyed it I felt it was a very kind of Realistic day in my life as a baker and A small business owner and really kind Of showing all the nitty-gritty and kind Of slowing down and really like kind of Like a fly on the wall Um but yeah I really hope you enjoyed This style of video and I look forward To seeing you soon bye guys take care [Music]

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