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🌙What is a Steiner school? – insight into the global Steiner education system

🌙What is a Steiner school? – insight into the global Steiner education system

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Movement: From outer to Inner in Steiner education

The child has mathematics in and around her or him in every way. To lay a more direct foundation in the body for learning mathematics, the teacher does
a lot of rhythmical movement with the children which challenges them to strongly direct
their movements.
In this way they consciously experience number-relationships at work using the body.
If the body knows number relationships, then it is possible to build concepts of
numbers (that means, to understand numbers and how they work).

Steiner school apply hands-on mathematical experience.

Grade school children keep their hands and enjoy the hands-on mathematical experience. As they busy around winding the yarn around the ring, it creates different patterns as they count by twos, fours, sevens etc.
Discovering what each number forms is a delight.

Steiner sharing session information on 10th Oct. 2021

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