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UFO pan | Super Fluffy Japanese Sweet Bread (EP 241)

Today, I want to share with you how to make UFO pan.

It’s a request from Jeniffer; she reached out to me through Facebook. Thanks Jeniffer for your request!

She is buying it from Arai pastry in Tempe, Arizona.

It’s a very popular sweet bread in Japan, I grew up eating.

Similar to the Japanese melon pan but it has a little bit dense texture and moisture to the bread dough, and the sweet top crust is not crispy.

It’s so delicious, and you are going to love it!

I am showing you 2 shaping from one dough.
I hope you will like it too!

12 UFO pan
・Bread dough (Bakers Percetage)
300g bread dough (100)
instant dry yeast (1.3)
normal type 6g
Gold Saf 4g
3g salt (1)
60g sugar (20)
1 large egg (65g) (20)
120g whole milk (40)
15g unsalted butter(5)

・Top Crust Batter
60g unsalted butter
30g sugar
1 large egg(65g)
1 ts vanilla
a pinch of salt
60g all-purpose flour

Japanese Bread playlist

All-about Shokupan playlist

Japanese Cakes

Saf Gold instant yeast (for high sugar content)

Saf Red instant yeast (for normal bread)

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Sharing output get better skills.
Thanks! Love from Japan♡


Hi friends welcome to kitchen princess Bamboo Japanese everyday food today i want to Share with you How to make ufo pan It's a request from jennifer she reached Out to me Through facebook thanks jennifer for Your request She is buying it from a rye pastry in Tempe Arizona it's a very popular sweet bread In japan I grew up eating similar to the japanese Melon palm but it has a little bit dense Texture and moisture to the bread dough And the sweet top crust is not crispy It's so delicious and you're gonna love It let's get started Let's start with making sweet bread Dough It's a dough with a high sugar content You will need a little bit more yeast Than the usual I am using instant dry yeast which you Can mix with flour And you don't have to dissolve in Lukewarm water to pre-fermenting This yeast is designed for sweet bread Dough Which is high in sugar content i always Transfer To an airtight container and keep it in The freezer

It will keep well up to 6 months but Better use up as soon as possible Mix room temperature eggs and whole milk [Music] Combine bread flour sugar and salt In a stand mixer bowl Add in the yeast to avoid touching to Sugar and Salt sugar and salt might Deactivate the yeast pour in the milk Mixture Slow and steady stream on low speed When it forms a dough continue mixing on Low For a couple of minutes and turn the Speed to Medium and knead the dough for 5 minutes [Music] Take a small amount of dough out and it Stretches thin like this Add in the butter and Continue mixing [Music] After three minutes of mixing let's give It a window pane test again The butter makes the dough more flexible And soft It looks good shape into a bowl and put It back in the greased bowl [Music] Cover and let it rise for 30 to 45 Minutes At warm place meanwhile let's make Top crust butter cream the room

Temperature Butter add in the sugar Whisk until well combined Add a beaten egg in three stages Whisk vigorously until homogenized If you add all the egg it will separate And never comes together [Music] Add a teaspoon of vanilla and a pinch of Salt to make it even tastier Add a sifted all-purpose flour and fold In [Music] Set aside until used let's take a look At the dough It isn't rice like always because of the High sugar content But do not worry too much give it a Punch To provide fresh oxygen to activate the Yeast Let it rise another 45 to 60 minutes Until double in volume my dough took 80 minutes until almost double in volume Let's check the dough if it goes good or Not Poke the dough with your dusted finger And the hole stays As it is it's okay to proceed Take out the dough onto the working Surface And divide the dough into 12 45 grams [Music] Each

Shape the dough into the bowl cover and Let it sit for 5 minutes For the bench rest [Music] What the bench waste does is relax the Gluten Before the final shaping [Music] After five minutes shape the dough into A bowl Rotate the dough on your palm as if Pull down the surface like this Pinch to seal [Music] Line the dough on the parchment lined Baking tray [Music] Cover with a plastic wrap and let it Rise for 30 to 40 minutes or until double In volume preheat ovule for 180 degrees Celsius For the low shape roll it out for a Half an inch thick Fold from top and bottom Then fold it in half Pinch to seal and roll it out for 12 To 15 centimeter in length [Music] Line on the baking tray and let it rise For 30 minutes [Music] If your oven is not big enough to bake All the bread put in the fridge to slow

Down the Fermentation process The log shape buys it faster than the Round shape It took me 25 minutes double in volume Just before pop in the oven pipe out the Top crust butter on top Give it constant pressure to pipe out The butter evenly Twist the openings and squeeze to Maintain the pressure To pipe out the same amount of the Butter [Music] Pop in the oven for 12 minutes or until Golden brown [Music] Take out onto a wire rack to release the [Music] Steam For the u4 pan pipe out the batter like Drawing a spiral [Music] [Applause] [Music] So [Music] Sprinkle granulated sugar on top It's convenient to use stick sugar for Coffee To do this [Music] Pop in the oven for 12 minutes or until Golden brown ta-da

Your ufo pan is done If you want your ufo pan with more top Crust Pipe add more butter on top [Music] For the log shape cut the slit and Sandwich butter This is called patasando and it's A regular bread you can find it japanese Bakery I love to sandwich uncle and butter Be creative to make your own bread I hate to say that but the second or Third wave of cabbage 19 is hitting us So it's a good idea to stay at home Again and let's bake a good bread with Me I have tons of good recipe for you Please let me know your request or what You want to see me making Thank you for watching the video give me A big thumbs up And share the video with your friends And families and Don't forget to subscribe to my channel If you haven't done so already Follow me on the social media and tag me On your post If you give it a try and go to my Website for the printable recipe And more information and my store on Amazon has pretty much Everything that i'm using in my video Stay safe and stay healthy and i will

See you soon [Music] Bye

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